Most Commonly Asked Questions


I don't see what I am looking for.
Email us and describe the item, sometimes it is just out of stock.
I have a book problem and I don't know what can be done about it.
Email us and describe the problem, sending images would speed up the process.
Do you do book repair?
No, but I can refer you to book professionals that do. Jim Arner is one of our recommended professionals.
Do you have a store front?
No. The items are in a stockroom that is not open to the public. Your order can be pulled and packaged for pickup, but there is no browsing available.


Can I pre-order out of stock items?
We try not to sell items we do not have in stock. Restocking can sometimes take weeks but if your item is expected within 10 days, your order can be held to combine shipping.
Can I get a discount on a large order?
It depends on the item, most items are already priced at the lowest profit margin we can afford. Email us and inquire about bulk orders, if we can accomodate we will.
Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes, the site has a secure server for all transactions.
Can I send you a check or money order instead of submitting my credit card information?
Yes, just select CHECK at checkout, your order will be held until the check arrives.
Can I order an item through the mail (instead of the internet)?
Certainly, just send a letter with your payment.
Can I add more items to an order I just placed?
Yes, just send an email with the additional items, you will be sent an invoice for the new total.


What are your shipping rates?
Shipping rates are calculated on weight of the order, up to 14 ounces will be shipped USPS First Class, over 14 ounces by USPS Priority.
When will I get my order?
Orders are usually processed within 24 hours on business days. Using USPS shipping, you should get your order in 10-14 days.
Will I get refunded for a package that was 'Returned to Sender?'
Yes for the item, but No for the shipping costs.

International Orders

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes you can place an international order. Packages over 4 pounds will ship USPS Priority International Shipping, under 4pounds is USPS First Class International.
Can I get your book deodorizer outside of the United States?
Yes, Preservation Equipment in the UK, vends book deodorizer to the EU.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?
There is a money back guarantee on all items we sell. Email us regarding your concern.