Book Gem


The BOOKGEM is a heavy-duty plastic book holder / book stand that folds flat about 5 inches, making it portable enough to slip into a bag or a pocket. I found these when I was searching myself for a bookholder I could take with me anywhere, and use both for reading (as I have trouble holding books for long periods) and to hold books open for reference or photography. I was impressed enough I decided to start selling them as well.

The way the BOOKGEM works is that you fold out the back legs and pull forward on the two spring-loaded clips in the front. You seat the book on the fold-out platform, and allow the clips to rest against the book pages. There is even a slot in front of the clips to hold a section of pages, so that you do not have to reposition the clips after every page. The legs have rubberized tips and there is cushioning on the back plate and the clips to protect the book. These are made in the USA.

Open (with legs and platform extended), the BOOKGEM measures about 6.5″ back to front, and 7″ across the back legs, and about 3″ high. Folded flat, it is a rectangular 5.5″ x 2.5″ and only a half-inch thick.

Truly of all the bookstands I’ve looked at, this one was a great find, nothing else I found was this small or folded flat, sturdy, and most important, both secure and non-damaging. Because the clips are cushioned and small, these are also perfect to hold iPads, Kindles, tablets, e-books, etc.

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