Kum Long Point Pencil Sharpener


Kum Long Point Pencil Sharpener sharpens pencils using a two step sharpening process. The first step sharpens the pencil’s wood case. The second step sharpens the graphite core. Comes with two replacement blades

If you’re like me, pressing too hard while writing causes hand cramps that make you wonder why you didn’t just type it to begin with. To prevent this you need to keep a nice sharp point. Whether you are using a gourmet $2 pencil where every millimeter counts, or just sharpening one of the kids’ colored pencils you pulled out of the junk drawer, this is the sharpener you will reach for, it will also be the one people will accidentally borrow and not return. Kum makes the best sharpeners in the world. And this may not be the Rolls Royce of sharpeners, but it can easily be called the Lincoln Continental. This KUM eraser is the exact same one sold for both the Black Wing and the Palomino gourmet pencils.

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