Typo Monster Life Experience Patch

“I'm a pour devil, and my name is Titivillus, I must each day, bring my master a thousand pokes full of failings and negligences in syllables and words.”

We have all suffered from the mischief of Titivillus, the Typo Monster. For every publication or finished document, there will invariably be a typographical error and it will remain hidden until well past the chance of correction. Every time it occurs it is like a little scar on our soul, regardless of its merits, we stop seeing the finished product except for the one egregious error, even if it is just a 'thhe' or a 'it's' when an 'its' was required. Thank you Typo Monster, your job is done here.

Why not commemorate this life altering experience with the Typo Monster Life Experience Patch? An 1.5″ round embroidered patch just like the traditional merit badge. Can be discretely added to your work apron, book bag or fuzzy bathrobe.



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