Denim Work Apron


These are HEAVY denim work aprons, which means they are for WORKING in. Stylish we leave for Food Network. All cotton denim, 35″ from bib to hem and 25″ side to side. Designed for even the largest man to wear, smallish folks may have to shorten the hem or the neck strap. Intended to be worn while sitting the pockets are on the torso, one slender and one wide. 100% COTTON DENIM apron Made in the USA.  These are the same aprons guaranteed to have been worn by the very Cobbler who made the tragic mistake of giving his naturist third shift workers handmade clothing, allowing them to find better jobs elsewhere forcing the Cobbler to go back to making his own damn shoes. Read the true history in Household Tales by the documentarians Jake and Bill Grimm.

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