Instant Wheat Paste


Instant Wheat Paste is pure pre-cooked wheat starch in a powder form.

Used for paper repairs and popularly used as a poultice for removing adhesives on broken spines.   It is reversible with water.

To makes small quantities when desired, simply mix with cold water to desired consistency.

A general purpose bookbinding adhesive for use on paper, binders board and leather. Suitable for paper-to-paper adhesion such as bookplates, hinging, repairing torn pages and corners.

Precooked powder; dissolves easily in cold water. Can also be mixed with PVA adhesives or methyl cellulose.
Wheat Paste is acidic, pH 6-6.5 (measured in a 70% slurry). To buffer it, add 10% (by weight) of calcium carbonate.

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